Ceri Thomas

A freelance TV and film writer, Ceri's worked for titles from The Evening Standard and London Lite to Total Film and The News Of The World. He’s got a guilty pleasure addiction to US sitcoms and adventure shows, but oddly struggles to get the joke when it comes to Curb Your Enthusiasm...

Terry Ramsey

Former TV Editor of the Evening Standard, Terry is now a freelancer who has worked for the Times, Independent, Evening Standard, Olive and Marie Claire. He has a soft spot for British dramas yet can definitely see the joke in Curb Your Enthusiasm - although he is worried that it is a version of his own life in years to come . . . 

Imogen Ridgway

Formerly Deputy TV Editor of the Evening Standard, Imogen has worked for titles ranging from Closer to Electrical Contractor. The TV character she would most like to be is Nurse Jackie's Dr O'Hara although, with two children under three, she wonders if she’s probably more like Mummy Pig from Peppa Pig.

David Kenning

Freelance TV writer, restaurant critic and author of a book on beer, David has worked on titles ranging from The Good Food Guide to Nuts magazine, via The Evening Standard and The Sun. A self-confessed HBO fanboy, he naturally thinks The Wire is the best telly show ever but secretly can’t resist the low-rent charms of The Only Way Is Essex and Come Dine With Me..

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